Folkloric dance includes a variety of styles such as Eleggua, Changó, Ogun, and Yemayá. These dances represent different Orishas (spirits or deities) and the movements form the roots of Cuban Salsa.


Body Movements focuses on body isolations and technique.  A variety of dances are combined in body movements such as salsa, rumba, afro-cuban and son.  It will help you perfect your styling  and technical components of dance.


Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino Salsa, is a joyful dance with a very free approach to body movement and footwork. This style of salsa is danced in its original circular form, with a great deal of feeling, sensuality and cadence.

*Recommended you have a partner for this class.


The aim of this class is to help improve both flexibility as well as muscle strength through various stretching techniques. This class is perfect for people of any age and for dancers or non-dancers alike.


Reggaeton is an upbeat, modern dance coming from the Caribbean and fused with Latin rhythms. The steps and movements are open for interpretation, so enjoy cutting loose and let your body move freely to the beat of the music.


Rueda is a form of dance where pairs of dancers form a circle, and one person, the caller or “cantante”, calls out the dance moves.  The names of the moves are mostly in Spanish and involve the continual swapping of partners.


Cuban Rumba is a traditional folkloric dance, originally brought to Cuba from African slaves. In this musical rhythm, you dance to the beat of the “clave” in a provocative, playful way, so as to entice members of the opposite sex!


Salsa Suelta means “loose salsa” – salsa patterns or sequences called out by a leader and danced without a partner. It is a fun and energetic way to improve your timing, skills, creativity and footwork when on the dance floor.


Son is a traditional Cuban dance that is slower in pace and more sensual. The most recognizable Son music is played by Buena Vista Social Club, and is most enjoyed by dancing on the “counter time,” following the rhythm of the “clave.”


Learn how to put body movement in your bachata that will make you look like a pro on the dance floor. From the basic step to various patterns and turns,this class is a for a beginner/intermediate level dancer, or anyone who wants to take it back to basics


Embrace your inner diva and take your dance to the next level. This class is about learning various shines you can wow your partner with on the dance floor. Classes will be altered for On1/On2 Style (depending on turnout).


Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning program that blends international music and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party.”


This is an introductory dance class for children ages 4-7. Kids will learn the latin beats and first steps to popular latin styles such as salsa, reggaeton, cha cha cha, merengue, and bachata.


Looking for a more personalized class? Maybe a choreographed dance for your wedding or party? We offer private class instruction  for individuals, couples, and private groups.  Contact us to find out more! Please call or email for pricing information.